Wednesday, October 2, 2013

AOW-Lalita Salas of Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute @ Rawlicious

'The Living Foods Lifestyle' 
With Lalita Salas
Co-Director of The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico 
& Dinner at Rawlicious! 
Friday, October 25, 2013
7 pm   
Rawlicious Soho Restaurant

249 Centre Street NYC 10013

BTW: Broom & Grand Streets

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Fee: $55 Includes 3 Course Dinner & Class with Food Demo!

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Encounter the Living foods Lifestyle according to Dr. Ann Wigmore.
Learn how to prepare the famous 'Energy Soup' and its extraordinary benefits. The cornerstone of the Living Foods Lifestyle® is Energy Soup, a blended mixture of greens, sprouts, vegetables, Rejuvelac, and dulse. Energy soup is a complete meal, containing every nutrient in a balanced form that the body needs.

Lalita will demonstrate how to make a Cabbage Rejuvelac. Rejuvelac™, a drink made from cultured wheatberries or other grains, is one of the most important elements in the Living Foods Lifestyle®. Because it contains a high level of enzymes, it aids in digestion. Rejuvelac™ replaces the missing enzymes that cooked foods have taken out. It contains friendly bacteria that is necessary for a healthy colon, which helps to remove toxins. It also is filled with vitamins B, C, and E, as well as enzymes.

Lalita Salas (Co-director)
Born in Argentina and trained as a pharmacist, Lalita's path has led her to beautiful Western Puerto Rico and her esteemed role in carrying on Dr. Ann Wigmore's legacy in sharing and promoting the Living Foods Lifestyle®.

The mission of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute is to promote self-healing through the Living Foods Lifestyle®, which was developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore over three decades of research. Our learning center teaches students how to restore and rejuvenate their bodies through the Living Foods Lifestyle® program.
The Living Foods Lifestyle® consists of uncooked nutritious foods such as greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and sprouted seeds from which we create salads, cultured preparations, dehydrated snacks, Rejuvelac, wheatgrass juice, and our famous "Energy Soup." The food is high-enzyme, chlorophyll-rich and extremely easy to digest so that your body can receive optimal nourishment while devoting very little energy to the digestive process. This helps the body to achieve homeostasis by freeing energy to be used for healing, wellness, and disease prevention. Our food also tastes great and is prepared fresh for each meal.

Through this simple natural lifestyle, people from all walks of life can take control of their lives and their health. Since opening in Aguada, Puerto Rico in 1990, thousands of people from all over the world have visited our intimate non-profit center to learn how to optimize their health and prevent illness.

Rawlicious Price Fix Menu

(1st course)
Appetizer -1/2 order
Zucchini & Flax Flatbreads 

(2nd course) Salad - 1/2 order
Kale Caesar or House Salad

(3rd course) Entree of choice - Full order
Sprouted buckwheat & flax seed crust with cashew nut cheese & tomato marinara with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, white onion, marinated mushrooms and spices


Pad Thai
Zucchini and kelp noodles, shredded romaine lettuce, carrots, bell peppers & cilantro mixed with tangy thai sauce topped with green onions & crumbled cashews


Zucchini noodles with a sauce of tomato marinara, basil pesto & crumbled seasoned nut loaf.

TAX & Tip are Included in Price!


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