Sunday, October 31, 2010

Accent on Wellness Presents: Paul Nison 11/15

Making The Raw Vegan Diet Work For You!
with Internationally Acclaimed Author and Raw Food Chef

Paul Nison

Monday, November 15, 2010
7 - 9 pm

Bonobo's Restaurant

18 East 23 Street
@ Madison Avenue
Fee: $15 Cash Paid at the Door
Please R.S.V.P by calling 917 407 2270 by 11/12 to reserve your seat
Please arrive early to enjoy a delicious meal that you will
purchase at the restaurant.

After 15 years eating a 100% raw vegan diet I found some interesting information which changed my thoughts about the ideal diet. In this lecture I will explore the information and how it can help you. We will also discuss the best way to apply it to your life so you don't run into the issues many long time raw fooders have.

· How to a eat 100% raw vegan diet!
· Is 100% raw necessary for health?
· The smartest way to go Raw!
· Avoiding pitfalls that doomed others!
· Information about health you never
heard before will be revealed!

For more info about Paul visit

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Accent on Wellness:Intestinal Health- A Window View To A Healthy Life

Intestinal Health:
A Window View To A Healthy Life
with Donna Perrone

Tuesday, November 9th
7 pm

Gravity East Village

515 East 5 Street
btw. Avenue A & Avenue B
Keypad: 104 'Bell' Symbol Button

Reservations are necessary
Your seat is reserved when you receive confirmation
Make your reservation by email or call 212 254 9453
Fee: $25 Cash paid at the door
An Information Packet is included with this lecture.

Our Topic of Discussion will Include:

-The Relationship Between Achieving Ultimate Health through
Proper Digestion & Elimination.

-How Colon Cleansing can be the Missing Link to Healing the Body from Disease.

-Proper Food Combinations and Consumption.

-Helpful Supplements to Support Good Digestion, and Elimination

-Suggestions to Improve Intestinal Health:
Indigestion, Gas/Bloating, Constipation, Acid Relux/GERD,
IBS, Colitis etc.

-Common Food Allergies and Testing

-Could Parasites and/or Candida Overgrowth be a Problem?

-What Results to Expect if Colon Cleansing is Not Part of Your Transition to a Raw Foods Lifestyle or when Undertaking a Fast.

-Get Inspired to Transform your Life with Cleansing and Detoxification!

Donna Perrone shares her years of experience and studies on digestive health. She is not a doctor and cannot diagnose or prescribe any cures. She shares what she has read about and has heard to be helpful in creating good health. Please contact your health practitioner or medical doctor with your concerns or when making any changes.

Donna Perrone began her health group 'Accent on Wellness' in NYC in 1995 which is a healthy lifestyle transition group. She is a volunteer, group facilitator and organizer that hosts guest speakers at Bonobo's Restaurant, teaches healthy lifestyle workshops, leads a support/discussion group and organizes community gatherings.

Donna is a Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist with her own wellness center located in NYC called 'Gravity East Village'. Her office features a staff of Gravity Method Therapists, State of the Art Filtration, Infra-Red Sauna, and other therapies such as Massage and Energy Healing.

Donna has taught workshops and retreats at many venues such as Accent on Wellness, The New Life Expo-NY, High Vibe, Jivamukti Yoga Center, Integral Yoga Center, East West Living, Urban Zen, Sivananda Yoga Ranch, Dharma Yoga Center, The Raw Spirit Festival, and The Art of Living Center.

Accent on Wellness: Presents Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz

Steve Meyerowitz, "Sproutman®"

Lower your Food Bill! Raise Your Nutrition! Indoor Kitchen Gardening

Friday, November 5, 2010
7 pm - 9 pm

Bonobo's Restaurant

18 East 23 Street
@ Madison Avenue
No Reservations Accepted
Please arrive early to reserve your seat
and enjoy a delicious raw food meal!
Fee: $15 Cash

Don't Miss This Special Event!

"Sproutman' Steve Meyerowitz shows you how to achieve food independence. The best-selling author of Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine and Sprouts the Miracle Food demonstrates how simple it is to add living foods to your diet anytime of the year whether you live in Alaska or Atlanta. Find out how to incorporate supercharged micro-greens into your everyday diet and save thousands of dollars per year on your food bill! And you'll get the science and nutrition behind these amazing foods that give them their impressive healing potential for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Enjoy many of the benefits of having a backyard garden, but instead in the kitchen and soil-free. No green thumb required

BIOGRAPHY- Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz
Steve Meyerowitz was christened "Sproutman" in the 1970s in a feature article in Vegetarian Times because his New York City apartment was always filled with gardens of mini-vegetables. They were part of his lifetime fight against chronic allergies and asthma. After 20 years of disappointment with orthodox medicine, he became symptom-free through his use of diet, juices, and fasting. In 1980, he founded "The Sprout House", a "no-cooking" school in New York City teaching the benefits of a living foods diet.

Steve is a health crusader and author of 10 books including Power Juices Super Drinks, Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine, Juice Fasting and Detoxification, and Food Combining and Digestion. His most recent book is "The Organic Food Guide: How to Shop Smarter and Eat Healthier." He has been featured on PBS, the Home Shopping Network, TV Food Network, and in Better Nutrition, Prevention, Organic Gardening and Flower & Garden Magazines. His sprouting inventions, such as the "Hemp Sprout Bag" are sold nationwide. You can visit him at
413-528-5200. ext 4. Fax: 413-528-5201
PO Box 1100, Great Barrington, MA 01230. USA

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Life Expo -Donna Perrone is a Speaker!

New Life Expo
NYC - Hotel New Yorker
October 15th-17th

Hotel New Yorker

481 8th Avenue at 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
Tel:(516) 897-0900 for Free Brochure
Pre-Registration Discounts


Find Brochure on website!

Enjoy free lectures all day long included in your ticket price.

Donna Perrone will speak on...

Friday, October 15th at 5 pm
Power of Food Cravings
(shorter version of my usual workshop)
Murray Hill rm. 4th floor

Other Raw Food Speakers include:
Brenda Cobb- Founder of Living Foods Institute,
Debra Secunda-,
Viktoras Kulvinskas- Survival in the 21st Century,
and more!

See ya there!

Donna Perrone

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Accent on Wellness:Becoming Raw:The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets

Becoming Raw:
The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets
with Rynn Berry

Friday, October 29, 2010
7 pm - 9 pm

Bonobo's Resturant

18 East 23 Street
@ Madison Avenue
No Reservations Accepted
Please arrive early to reserve your seat and enjoy a delicious raw food meal!
Fee: $15 Cash Paid at the door

With Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina, I'm co-author of a new book titled Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets. My contribution to the book was to write a concise history of the rawfood movement in America from the early 19th century to the present. [It's the first narrative history of the rawfood movement in the US. ] To your meet-up group, I would be speaking about the leaders of the raw foods movement. The title of my talk is Return to the Edenic Diet: A History of the Raw Food Movement in America with emphasis on New York leaders. This movement,as I said, dates back to the early 19th century and includes such figures as: Sylvester Graham, Herbert Shellton, Arnold Ehret (author of The Mucusless Diet Healing System); Vera Richter (founder of the first raw food restaurant in the U.S. and author of the first raw food un-cookbook); Gaylord Hauser (Hollywood Nutritionist); Norman Walker (inventor of the Norwalk Juicer); Paul and Patricia Bragg (inventors of Braggs Liquid Aminos); "Gypsy Boots" (founder of the Hollywood Health Hut); George and Doris Fathman (authors of Live Foods, the first vegan gourmet uncookbook); David Wolfe (author of Nature's First Law, etc.) Gabriel Cousens (author of Conscious Eating, and David Klein (publisher of Vibrance Magazine)., et al. . I will have copies of Becoming Raw and other of my books to sell to the attendees. Best regards,

Accent on Wellness Presents: Brenda Cobb- The Living Foods Institute

Brenda Cobb
The Living Foods Institute

'Reverse Aging & Heal
with Raw & Living Foods'

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
7 pm - 9 pm

Bonobo's Resturant

18 East 23 Street
@ Madison Avenue
No Reservations Accepted
Please arrive early to reserve your seat and enjoy a delicious raw food meal!
Fee: $15 Cash

(Please read all contracts from the Living Foods Institute carefully before signing.
All contracts are final.)

Hear Author Brenda Cobb's Inspiring Personal Story of Healing Cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation and the relationship of high vibration energy and healing.

Learn how raw & living foods raise your vibration & health

Learn how to detoxify chemicals, fungus, yeast & parasites

Learn how to reverse aging and increase energy & stamina

Learn how to heal even the most serious diseases naturally by raising your vibrational energy with organic raw and living foods

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Brenda Cobb
Living Foods Institute
Toll Free 800-844-9876

Brenda Cobb

Brenda Cobb founded the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia in September 1999 just seven months after she was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer. She refused the surgery and chemotherapy that her doctor recommended because she had seen her own family members and friends diagnosed with the same type of cancers try the traditional treatments and fail. Brenda set out on a journey to explore a natural way of healing and discovered Raw and Living Foods and Detoxification. Brenda began her healing journey in February 1999 and by September 1999 she was disease free. One of her medical doctors wrote the foreword to her first book praising her for the healing protocol that she developed to help herself and others. Many doctors send their patients to Brenda's Institute in Atlanta when other treatments have failed.

What began as the biggest challenge in Brenda's life turned into a wonderful gift to humanity. Since opening the Living Foods Institute Brenda has expanded her Healthy Lifestyle Course to help people heal on every level. She and her staff have trained thousands of people from all over the world with every type of disease from Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Candida, Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma, AIDS and Lupus to Multiple Sclerosis, Bell's Palsy, Depression, Migraine Headaches, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and many more chronic and acute illnesses . She has spoken to many thousands of people around the world about the benefits of the good nutrition and detoxification. In testimony after testimony people have found relief from symptoms and complete healing from serious diseases by following Brenda's Healthy Protocol.

To date she has written 9 books "The Living Foods Lifestyle®", "Colon Cleansing For Optimum Health" and "101 Raw and Living Food Recipes", "Get Started Now For Good Health" "The Living Foods Lifestyle® Training Manual", "Healing Fibroids, Endometriosis, Tumors and Cysts", "A Plan For Health", "Good Health Now" "Organic Raw and Living Food Recipes" and she has a CD on the benefits of Raw and Living Foods and a Healthy Lifestyle. She has hosted her own radio show, Living Well on WGUN 1010AM in Atlanta, Georgia where she has helped listeners learn about the benefits of good Lifestyle Habits. Along with the incredible Raw and Living Food recipes that Brenda is known for, the Emotional Healing Workshops that are included as a part of her training programs are so powerful that people say, "This course surpassed my wildest expectations for healing body, mind, spirit, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself."

She is featured on the DVD "Healing Cancer From Inside Out" and the "Rave Diet" and is co-author of the newest book "The Raw Truth." She has appeared live on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX networks as well as many cable stations giving advice on healthy eating and living. She has been a speaker at national and international conferences, festivals and expos and sought after for many radio and television appearances. As the Key Note Speaker at numerous health and body, mind, spirit expos and the International European Vegetarian Congress she has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to take back their power and claim the perfect health they were created to have.

She was awarded an Honorary Cultural Doctorate in Therapeutic Philosophy from the World University in September 2003. She was awarded the Phoenix Award by the City of Atlanta and numerous awards from other organizations for her work. Even though Brenda never makes promises about what her program will do for an individual, many say they have been healed through this amazing and inspiring woman's work.

Brenda's mission to help "Heal the World One Person at a Time" is being fulfilled every day as the internationally acclaimed Living Foods Institute is now known around the world. For more information or to book Brenda to come to your area call 800-844-9876 or in Georgia call 404-524-4488 and visit the website at Email Brenda at