Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Accent on Wellness- SuperCharge Me with Jenna Norwood

'SuperCharge Me'
Jenna Norwood
dvd screening & Q&A

Friday, June 4, 2010
7 pm - 9 pm

Please arrive a few minutes early

Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
btw. Avenue A & Avenue B
Keypad: 104 'Bell' Symbol Button

Reservations are necessary- Seating is Limited
Reserve your seat by e-mail or call 212 254 9453
Please include your name, email address and phone #.
Fee- $10 Cash
DVD's will be available for sale.

Enjoy watching 'SuperCharge Me' and Q&A with Jenna Norwood afterwards!

Ever wonder what the opposite of the film "Super Size Me" would be like? With a tip of the headdress to Morgan Spurlock of "Super Size Me," Jenna Norwood takes us on her journey to see what happens when she enrolls in a raw food detox center and consumes only organic, raw, enzyme-rich foods for 30 days. It's all in an effort to fit into a Las Vegas showgirl costume for Halloween, but the experience has some surprising results. Meet experts (David Wolfe), celebrities (Ben Vereen & Kathy Sledge) and others seeking to resolve serious health issues on a raw food diet. Takes the mystery out of colon hydrotherapy, too. An entertaining, educational and inspiring documentary. A detoxifying experience! Unofficial PG rating, according to MPAA guidelines.
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About Jenna Norwood

Jenna Norwood is in demand as a speaker on the subjects of health & well-being, detoxing, healthy weight loss and the impact of our food choices on our environment. She travels around the world to colleges, green festivals and health events giving film screenings and speaking about the effects of food choices on our lives; mind, body, spirit & planet. She was recently a guest speaker at Harvard University. She has been featured in Reuters International, Woman's World Magazine, AOL Health, KBS TV (with TV shows airing in Japan, China and Korea) and Radio Paradiso in Tokyo.

Jenna Norwood's independent film, "Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw" won "Best Documentary" at the Tofino Film Festival in British Columbia, "Best Motivational Film" at the Raw Film Festival in Hollywood, CA and was a finalist for "Best Florida Film" at the Central Florida Film Festival. The movie was also screened at the Utopia Film Festival, The Tel Aviv SPIRIT Film Festival and the Sarasota Film Festival (where it sold more tickets than any other film). The documentary, inspired by "Super Size Me," is Jenna's first feature film.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blended Food Cleanse & Juice Fasting Group with Donna Perrone

Blended Food Cleanse & Juice Fasting Group
with Donna Perrone

Fasting can help to wipe the slate clean of addictive food cravings, overeating, and fatigue. Get back on your healthy eating! This juice fasting group will include the option to consume raw blended soups. Some of you have expressed interest in conducting a juice fast, but feel it to be a little too extreme or feel intimidated by taking on such an endeavor. So, we will cover all the details to conduct a juice fast, as well as incorporating a blended food cleanse if you chose to. You may do a partial juice and partial blended food cleanse, or may choose to start off with blended food and switch to juice later in the fast or visa versa. We will discuss what options may be best for you.This is a great way to experience a cleanse in a modified way.

The next juice fasting group will meet on
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 7- 8:45 pm

East West Living
78 Fifth Avenue @ 14th Street
New York, New York 10011
Phone: 212-243-5994
The cost is $25.00.

Every attendee will receive a package of handout information
including recipes.

The benefit to fasting with a group is in how inspired you will feel to begin your fast, and to continue with it for as long as you are comfortable. I will be available to you at no additional charge during your fast if you have any questions regarding your fast.

We will discuss all aspects to fasting including:
how to conduct a fast successfully,
why fast?,
what to expect when you are fasting,
an understanding of how the body cleanses through fasting,
tips on making a fast as easy and as pleasant as possible,
how to end a fast correctly.

Also, handout information and blended food recipes will be provided to you..

Donna has taught workshops and retreats at many venues such as Accent on Wellness, The New Life Expo-NY, Urban Zen/Kris Carr-Crazy Sexy Wellness, High Vibe, Jivamukti Yoga Center, Amy Rachelle, Caravan of Dreams, Sivananda Yoga Ranch, Dharma Yoga Center, The Raw Spirit Festival,
and The Art of Living Center.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yoga & Raw Food Expo

Yoga & Raw Food Expo
NYC - Hotel New Yorker
June 11 - 13

Hotel New Yorker

481 8th Avenue at 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
Tel:(516) 897-0900 for Free brochure
Pre-Registration Discounts

Find brochure on website!

Enjoy free lectures all day long included in your ticket price.

Donna Perrone will speak on...

Friday, 6/11 at 7 pm ABC's To Raw Food
(shorter version of my usual workshop)
Tribecca Room 3 fl.

Friday, 6/11 at 8 pm Panel- Raw Foods Part 1
Gramercy Park Room 3 fl.

Saturday, 6/12 at 10 am Panel- Raw Foods Part 2
Gramercy Park Room 3 fl.

Saturday, 6/12 at 3 pm Raw Food Discussion Group
Kips Bay Room 3 fl

Sunday, 6/13 at 4 pm Power of Food Cravings
(shorter version of my usual workshop)
Gramercy Park Room 3 fl.

Other Raw Food Speakers include:
Brenda Cobb- Founder of Living Foods Institute,
Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz,
Kevin Shuker- Questtv,
Debra Secunda-,
Viktoras Kulvinskas- Survival in the 21st Century,
Scott Grzybek- Zukay Live Foods,
Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra- Dharma Yoga Center,
Queen Afua,
Dr. Alexandro Junger, MD- The Clean Program
Shayna Hiller- Certified Health Coach & Yoga Teacher,
Lillian Butler- Raw Soul Restaurant,
Rhio- Hooked Author of Hooked on Raw, NYTalkRadio Program,
Jill Pettijohn- Fabulous Chef and Nutritional Cleanse
and more!

See ya there!

Donna Perrone

Accent on Wellness- Essential Oils, 101 with Kathleen Ellis

"Therapeutic Grade"
Essential Oils,
Kathleen Ellis

Monday, June 7, 2010
7:30 pm

Gravity East Village

515 East 5 Street
Between Avenue A & Avenue B
Keypad: 104 'Bell' Symbol Button
Fee: $10.00

Reservations Necessary- Limited Seating
Respond by email or call 212 254 9453
Please include your full name & phone #.

Kathleen is a Clinical Aromatherapy & Healing Hands Practitioner. She has been using Young Living Essential Oils since 1999. When major healing health changes began to happen in her life from using Young Living Essential Oils, it became her life's passion to share these oils with others.

Kathleen has been blessed with the opportunity to travel and study with Gary Young, the founder and President of YLEO, while visiting the Young Living farms around the world. She has learned about these precious oils from Seed to Seal and the care that goes into each and every drop.

In this class you will learn:

Why all essential oils are NOT created equal and why it is important for you to know the difference.

How to safely and effectively use essential oils by incorporating best practices from the British Model, the French Model and the German Models.

How to incorporate essential oils into your life on a daily basis by answering the most common questions-"How do I know which oil to use?" and "What can I use oils for?"

Both participate in and learn how to perform a "Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit Balancing Protocol" using essential oils.

Bring your sense of smell and begin with the first drop.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Accent on Wellness-'Healing Eczema' with Donna Perrone

'Healing Eczema'
Donna Perrone

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
7:30 pm

(Please arrive on time.)

Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
Between Avenue A & Avenue B
Keypad: 104 'Bell' Symbol Button
Fee: $25.00 Includes Information Package

Reservations Necessary- Limited Seating
Respond by email or call 212 254 9453

Eczema is a term that refers to an atopic form of dermatitis. It's geneneral symptom is an inflammation of the skin. It produces a scaling, flaking, thickening, weeping, crusting, color changing, and often itching of the skin.

We will discuss in this workshop:

-What causes Eczema?
Allergies, Deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids, Candida, Toxemia, and Stress.

-What will help cure Eczema?

-What will help relieve the symptoms of Eczema?

Although, I am not a doctor I have researched this condition in detail. To cure Eczema means doing your own detective work to discover its cause. I suffered from an extreme case of Eczema due to a deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids. For many years, I have been completely cured of Eczema, and have a tremendous amount of information to share with you on this subject.

Accent on Wellness-UNDER Weight Issues+Discussion Group

'Under Weight?'
-Let's explore ways to put on healthy weight-
With Donna Perrone

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Starting 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm- Discussion Group
Starting 7:30 pm- Presentation on Under Weight
Everyone continues together till at least 9:30 pm

Gravity East Village

515 East 5 Street
Btw. Avenue A & Avenue B
Keypad: 104 'Bell' Symbol Button

Reservations are necessary- Space is limited
Reserve your seat by e-mail or call 212 254 9453
Please include your name & phone #
Fee: $15 Cash

Discussion Group from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm- Is your opportunity to share any questions you have and receive feedback and support from the group.

'Under Weight?'
Let's explore ways to put on healthy weight.

Have you lost too much weight going raw?
Have never been able to keep enough weight on your body
regardless of what you eat?
Calories & Food
Colon Health
Food Assimilation & Digestion

We will discuss:
Raw Food Emphasized -
Transition, Lifestyle, Emotional Support, Proper Cleansing Measures, Social Issues, Problems and Pitfalls, Helpful Tips and Solutions, etc.

We hope to educate, support and inspire you to live a healthy life and support you where you are. This group will help you find a program that best suits your needs without judgment.

Everyone will have an opportunity to speak if they choose to or just watch and observe.