Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Accent on Wellness:15 Year Anniversary-Picnic in Central Park

Accent on Wellness
15th Year Anniversary Celebration!

Join Us in Central Park for a Raw Food Picnic!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
6 pm till Sunset

Admission- FREE
No reservations necessary

Central Park
Sheep Meadow

Enter Park at 72 Street
either at 5th Avenue or Central Park West
Find us in the central area of Sheep Meadow


Please arrive anytime. If you are hungry bring your own raw food meal/beverage that you will solely enjoy. No fuss gathering! Potluck style can get a little strange at the park.

Bring a blanket to sit on, a frisbee if you like and hang out with like-minded nice people. If you like we can do a group circle and have a short Q&A discussion. Invite a friend!

There will be a free raffle!
Get your ticket and you might win a treasured raw food book or yummy treats!

If it rains the picnic will be canceled. I will send an email to everyone if that is the result. Hopefully no need.

Accent on Wellness began 15 years ago as the 'Coalition of Health Reeducation' with Matthew Grace and Edward Leib. Accent on Wellness had a tv show on public access tv in the early years. In 1996, I began participating as a volunteer group leader facilitating raw food support group meetings. Later, I began hosting guest educators, organizing raw food potlucks and teaching workshops on raw food transition and detoxification. After the first few years, the group would have ceased existence, and at that time I took on leading the group myself with Tom Coviello. Tom was a great group leader and dear friend of mine for many years. May he rest in peace.

It all started at the Community Center on West 13th Street, then Planet Health in the East Village, and onto Caravan of Dreams Restaurant and finally found a home at Bonobo's Restaurant and at Gravity East Village. Also, our potlucks at Dharma Yoga Center.

We have had many volunteers over the years that have lead the group and helped facilitate events. I lend my deepest appreciation to all those who have given so much to the community over the years. Special thanks to Bobbie Flowers, Gil Jacobs, Cheryl Lynn, David Giardina, and Karen Ranzi. Thank you to the very wonderful David Norman, owner of Bonobo's restaurant and to Angel Moreno of Caravan of Dreams, and to Eva and Dharma of Dharma Yoga Center for providing a place for us to meet for so many years. And more recently, volunteers, Debbie Gordon, Tony Klatt and Tony White.

There have been many terrific educators that have taught classes for very small amounts of money that have given so much wisdom and guidance to the community. Their contribution has had a lasting change and effect on so many people. Thank you all.

Accent on Wellness started for me as a way for me to give back what a mostly raw food/vegan lifestyle has given to me. My life changed for the greater good in so many ways 21 years ago. I have gained greater health, energy, clarity of mind, a cleaner body and youthfulness. My passion to keep this group going over all these years has been to inspire you to live a healthy life and to find what best suits you to achieve that goal. In addition, I care very much that your journey towards this lifestyle is a safe one. That your transition toward raw food can be a healthy journey toward greater wellness when done correctly.

When I began volunteering 15 years ago I had no idea how Accent on Wellness would become a great blessing in my life. When I became a Colon Hydro-therapist 5 years ago I was very blessed that many of you have become my clients! You have supported my success with opening my wellness center, Gravity East Village over 3 years ago. My deepest gratitude is felt!

There is so much to look forward to in the future for Accent on Wellness. I hope to use our treasury funds to setup and maintain our classes online so the community will have the option to watch our events remotely. I plan to create audio downloads of many of the workshops that are offered. All donations are appreciated so I can get the job done.

I appreciate all of you in the Accent on Wellness community as you have always inspired me in so many ways! I have grown from this great experience and have learned so much from all of you throughout the years.

Warm regards,
Donna Perrone
Accent on Wellness

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