Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Life Yoga & Raw Food Expo

New Life
Yoga & Raw Food Expo
June 21 - 23
New Yorker Hotel
34 Street / 8th Avenue

Raw Food Panel Discussion
Viktoras Kulvinskas, Mini Kyung,
Brenda Cobb, Chef Debra Secunda,
Donna Perrone, Margabandhu

Friday, June 21st    6 pm
Penn Top North 18 FL

Organic raw and living foods can help your body to restore health, reverse aging, get increased energy and create total well-being. It's easy! It s simple! It works! Come find out what you can do to create good health right now!!hare your questions; receive feedback and support concerning transition, detoxification, social issues, problems and pitfalls, helpful tips and solutions.Learn the benefits and pit-falls of the 100% Raw Diet, which will give you a deeper understanding to decide for yourself whether a Raw Diet or Intermediate Wholefood Diet is best for you.

Improve Your Health! Learn The Facts About Raw/Living Foods
With Donna Perrone

Friday, June 21st   8 pm
Penn Top North 18 FL
This Workshop will help you understand: the Principles of Health, the
Benefits to Increasing The Amount of Raw Food in your Diet, Meal Plan Options & Recipe Ideas, the Common Sense of Food Combining and the
Gentle Transition needed to incorporate these key elements into a Healthy Lifestyle! Donna Perrone is a certified Colon Hydro-therapist with her own wellness center
'Gravity East Village', and the facilitator of the raw food group,"Accent on Wellness" since 1995


Guest Speakers Include:
Matt Monarch
Deborah Secunda
Viktoras Kulvinskas
Donna Perrone
Shayna Hiller
Michael Bergozzi
Brenda Cobb
Nick Delgado
And Much More!

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