Tuesday, February 19, 2013

AOW: RESCHEDULED Be Prepared. A Comprehensive Class on Emergency Preparedness & Response

Be Prepared.
This Course is a Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Preparedness & Response 

Your Instructor: Former Military Intelligence Officer activated in relief of three hurricanes. Subject matter expert in preparedness, response, and disaster psychology.
Friday, March 8, 2013
7 pm - 9 pm
(The last class was cancelled due to the snow storm.)
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
btw. Avenue A & Avenue B
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-What are your top concerns?
-What is your family communications plan?  
-Do you have an evacuation plan  

- with routes & transportation contingencies?
-Do you have a get-out bag to dismount on foot?
-Can you shelter in place?
-Can you return to your life with seamless transition?

The Time is ripe to be proactive! We live in a world of increasing
  uncertainty. There have been many unprecedented disasters over the
course of recorded history, categorized as natural, technological,
or human-made. Terrorist attacks have surfaced here on U.S. soil.
The Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11 here in NYC, and many other attacks
worldwide. Recently, there have been biblical '100 year' storms,
demonstrated in the aftermath of Hurricanes' Katrina and Sandy.
Before our stunned eyes, we have witnessed a catastrophic nuclear
reactor abandoned in Chernobyl, Russia, as well as a tsunami caused
meltdown in Fushima, Japan. In 1979, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
had a partial meltdown of the reactor known as Three Mile Island.
Meteor impacts don't just happen in the movies. In fact, in
Chelyabinsk, Russia, the largest meteor shockwave blast occurred in
over a century. The list goes on with a multitude of real-world
possibilities, including civil and social unrest, extreme weather,
earthquakes, floods, pandemics, power outages, tornadoes, wild and
urban fires, etc.

When such events have happened, they have had devastating ripple
effects in many areas of our lives, including transportation,
communications, financial, and security factors. Yet, ignorance,
complacency, or denial may have prevented us from taking action.
Though we have the technology to predict some of these events, plan
for the unexpected, which may occur without warning. Fortunately,
we have that ability, regardless of the occurrence. It is our
responsibility, as citizens to do so.

This emergency response and recovery workshop is about empowerment.
Learn from the past, and systematically take steps now, before the
time that you will need it most. Having a well-thought family
reunion and communications plan, and preparing kits to either
shelter-in-place, or evacuate, reduces your anxiety and improves
the quality of your life. The 2-hour interactive training will help
you to conduct a risk assessment at home and work, organize a
flexible plan with contingencies, and compile comprehensive
supplies that will ensure your survival as well as your ability to
seamlessly restore your health from the next eventuality.

The condition upon which G-d hath given liberty to man is
eternal vigilance.
 -John Philpot Curran

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