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Accent on Wellness:'Achieve Hormone Balance Without Taking Hormones'

'How to Help Your Body
Achieve Hormone Balance
Without Taking Hormones'
with Dr. Viana Muller

Monday, October 4, 2010
7 pm - 9 pm

Bonobo's Restaurant

18 East 23 Street
@ Madison Avenue
No Reservations Accepted
Please arrive early to reserve your seat and enjoy a delicious raw food meal!
Fee: $10 Cash Paid at the door

Many women feel between a "rock and a hard place" when it comes to finding safe and highly effective natural methods of achieving optimum hormone balance. These issues often start early in life in the teen years and doctors typically put teenage girls on birth control pills -even when they are not sexually active-to help with agonizingly painful periods. Other young women have difficulty in establishing a regular monthly menstrual cycle and again are often given birth control pills to create an artifical monthly period.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which may start in perimenopause-or before-- plagues other women and can make the second half of her menstrual cycle a misery every month. Menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, irregular sleep, urinary frequency, and heart palpitations - among others are still treated at some risk for future health issues primarily by hormones, bioidentical or otherwise. Other women who want to go "natural" end up with either progesterone cream or herbal phytoestrogens-which offer a mild natural form of estrogen replacement.

An alarming number of women begin to have hypothyroid problems during perimenopause—or sooner; they begin thyroid replacement hormone but still suffer from lack of energy, weight gain, hair loss and depression.

All of these methods of treatments have tremendous downsides. Dr. Viana Muller, anthropologist and co-founder of Whole World Botanicals, has spent the last 15 years helping women achieve highly effective and natural hormone balance for all of the conditions mentioned above-plus others-using Peruvian food-based botanicals. She will share with us the research of why and how they work and the results of studies conducted in Peruvian Universities on them, as well as speak from her own vast experience of helping women to use these botanicals effectively for their hormone balance issues.


Dr. Viana Muller, Ph.D. is an anthropologist who studies South American herbs and works with native peoples who grow and collect them. She is a co-founder of Whole World Botanicals, a company based on fair trade principles with a strong social mission, which offers organic and sustainably wildcrafted products.

Viana was born in Chile of a Chilean father and American mother but raised in the U.S., has had three careers in her lifetime. The first one was working with inner-city teenagers and young adults in remedial education programs. The second was as a college teacher (anthropology, Latin American Studies and Women's Studies), administrator, and researcher. She had done field work in Mexico, Ghana and Peru. Her latest career, the co-founder of Whole World Botanicals, is the fulfillment of a dream she didn't know she had until she was over 50. It was born in the early 1990's "accidentally" after a serious illness, while she focused on her own healing which plunged her into the new field of scientific herbalism. The idea of forming an herbal company began to jell while she was doing field research in Peru as an Associate with the Institute for Botanical Exploration. But it was her discovery of Maca Root, the virtually unknown botanical outside of a tiny area in the Central Sierra of Peru, which turned a possibility into an imperative. It had an almost miraculous effect not only on her menopausal symptoms but brought her from a devitalized condition of health into a state of resilient energy and buoyant mood. Knowing that women in the U.S. were largely confined to two choices - either Hormone Replacement Therapy which presented certain risks or phtyoestrogenic botanicals which were largely ineffective, Viana decided to make what she called a "menopause revolution." Whole World Botanicals became the first company to educate the U.S. public on the use of maca for women's hormonal balance, and Royal Maca® became the first certified organic maca product anywhere in the world.

Since the founding of Whole World Botanicals and acting as its President, Viana has appeared on many radio and cable TV programs, and has given lectures to professional holistic medical groups and to people interested in alternative medicine throughout the U.S.

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