Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Accent on Wellness- Live-Blood Cell Analysis

Presents Special Guest:
Tonia Hugus

'Live-Blood Cell Analysis'

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
7 pm - 9 pm

Bonobo's Resturant

18 East 23 Street
@ Madison Avenue
No Reservations Accepted
Please arrive early to reserve your seat
and enjoy a delicious raw food meal!
Fee: $15 Cash

This talk will discuss Darkfield Microscopy only.

A teacher, humorist, lecturer, culinary artist, author and international consultant, Tonia Hugus has been a popular speaker throughout the East Coast. A dietary consultant in the Eastern tradition, she was a student of Michio Kushi for 14 years, also helping to establish the Kushi Institute.

Tonia is a Board Certified Darkfield Microscopist.She has completed intensive study with the American Institute of Certified Microscopists. Using a microscope with a darkfield condenser, Tonia can study a droplet of blood and zero in on a client's nutritional deficiencies. Too often people are stuck in a "kitchen sink" approach to supplementation, taking as many as 20 to 30 different supplements. To their great frustration, they remain trapped in a state of chronic sub-optimal health. By looking directly at their blood, Tonia using darkfield microscopy can solve this nutritional dilemma. Nutritional imbalances unique to each individual client's needs are then balanced with dietary changes, minerals, food enzymes and superfood supplementation targeted to their personal needs.

As a client of darkfield blood analysis you will be able to see first hand your nutritional profile by viewing a monitor as we examine your blood. Potential problems are often identifiable in their "infancy" stage, much earlier than using standard blood tests.

Tonia Hugus has been a
pioneer in the whole foods
movement for four decades.
Visit Tonia at her website

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